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Mentor Chico: The Journey

Mentor Chico was Born in Guaranda, Ecuador. In 1993 he obtained his degree in Fine Art in the Central University of Ecuador.

His artworks are naive, playful and happy, where he expresses dynamic colours and shapes. Mrs Chico’s artworks are also spontaneous and aggressive depending on the circumstances and environment where every piece has been created.

In his painting we can see all the colours from his indigenous town in Ecuador. Predominating red like a fire, yellow and green melting together in its own shapes, visual explosions that 

travel to the subconscious of the audience. Mentor lets himself go by his impulses, by the power of every single painting without knowing where he is heading. Starting from a blank canvas, his ideas on shapes and colours come together to create a body of explosion of colours.

Dr. Ines Flores, curator  of art.


1999- Special mention “Biennale of Malta” Malta

1995- Honorary  Mention. “Salón Luis A. Martínez” Ecuador

1995- Second  National Award as a painter “Salón de Julio Guayaquil- Ecuador”

1994- Finalist on the UNESCO universal contest – France

1994- Selected as at the best Ecuadorian Painter “Calendar Holland” Ecuador

1993- Second National prize “Salón de Julio – Guayaquil” Ecuador

1993- Honorary Mention. National Competition “Mariano Aguilera” Ecuador

1993- First prize “National Competition” Ecuador

1992- Individual Exhibition “French Alliance” Ecuador

1992- Finalist in the “Prize of Paris French Alliance” competition, Ecuador


2013-  Commissioner ”Guildhall Art Gallery” celebrating the 120th anniversary

2013-  Group exhibition ” Tower Bridge

2012- Solo exhibition “Bolivar Hall” London

2011- Group exhibition “Aquarium Gallery” London

2010- Group exhibition “Art – Revolution AT Acquire Gallery”

2007- Group exhibition “Café Gallery” London

2006- Group exhibition “Museum Of London”

2005- Solo Exhibition “Gallery 33 – London”

2003- Group exhibition “Gallery Star 2000” London.

2000- Solo exhibition “Institute Cervantes” London

1998- Solo exhibition “Latin American House” London

1997- Group exhibition “Gallery Expressions” Ecuador

1997- Group exhibition “La Galería” Ecuador

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